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  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!     We hope you are all enjoying Catcraft Survival on 1.16.3! I would like to announce that Catcraft will be holding its first annual Halloween event tommorow! The event will take place at the start of October and will run throughout the whole month. Now is the time for preparation! As we will be heading towards this exciting and spooky season!     This update will implement the following features:     Spooky spawn and a giant cat pumpkin! A mysterious pumpkin has made its home at spawn. I wonder what secrets it holds?!       Halloween Ghost Hunting The cat gods that were once trapped for eternity inside the pyramids have escaped!  Find all 11 catgod ghosts*, scattered across the different worlds on catcraft, to redeem a rare seasonal pumpkin scythe!   Locations:   x5 Ghosts spread across spawn. x2 ghosts in the Cat Canyon Mines (/mine) x3 ghosts hidden inside the haunted house (/warp haunted) x4 Ghost in every biome warp (/biome) Bamboo IceSpikes Cozy Fishing Mesa x1 Ghost hidden around the CatGod Pyramids x1 Ghost hidden in the Catcraft Market   *edit changed on 11/10/2020 due to desert warp been reset to original terrain.       Mysterious parchements   Gather your strongest weapons and prepare to fight hordes of zombies and skeletons! All naturally spawning zombies & skeletons on catcraft will have a 40% chance to drop a mysterious parchment.  Collect these parchments to upgrade your Pumpkin Scythe from Prof. Clawford inside the giant cat pumpkin at spawn.   Note: Zombies and Skeletons spawned from spawners will not drop the mysterious parchements.         Halloween Crate   The 2020 Halloween crate will be available during October.  All items are seasonal rares and can only be obtained during the Halloween season. The crate is available inside the Prof. Clawford’s secret brewing pot.  Store link: https://catcraftshop.buycraft.net/
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