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Hiya my spooks! I'm starting a new project! This is a Work In Progress project.***MAKE SURE TO USE OPTIFINE***Okay now I can talk about what this texture pack addon gives!This texture pack is a special one that relies on the name of your item!This means that you can still have another texture pack on with this completely making it an addon texture pack.I will proceed to add updates as I go on with the texture pack but it is very beta testing at the moment.   Download - Link to download Update log below!Update 0.0.1 - Dragon Tool update!Added custom dragon tools textures--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Update 0.0.11 - Dragon Tools UpdateAdded both 16x and 32x Addonpacks for Dragon ToolsReleasing the first version with this update!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Update 0.0.2 - Nightwing Tools UpdateAdded Nightwing Tools and key's for CatcraftTools and names below:Sword - Nightwing SwordShovel - Nightwing ShovelPickaxe - Nightwing PickaxeHoe - Nightwing HoeAxe - Nightwing Axe--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Update 0.0.3 - Halloween Tools Update!Added New Halloween Textures for Catcraft!All items from the new update should change textures directly from enabling the texturepack!If you guys have any issues don't be afraid to tell me in the comments below!Safe mining! - Orion
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