Catcraft aims at creating a fun and enjoyable community for players interested in survival vanilla minecraft. However, there are some key rules that are strictly followed for ensuring all players on the server feel safe and respected.
Breaking any of the following rules below, may result with an permanent ban.


Optifine and Sodium are the only mods allowed. AFK fish farms are allowed, however afk mining, grinding or other automatic cheats are not allowed.
XRAY is strictly not allowed - this includes any resource packs or hacked clients.
Autoclickers or macros are not allowed.

Hatred and/or Discrimination

Calling anyone in reference to hateful or discriminatory ideas, symbols, movements, stereotypes or groups is strictly not allowed.


Any threats towards other players on the server or the server itself will result in a permanent ban, or in some cases, an ip ban. This includes releasing personal information of other players on to the network.


Any form of exploiting/glitches and duplication will result in a permanent ban.If you notice bugs or exploits on the server, please contact staff through a ticket at #staff-help (on the discord server) or by emailing to us at [email protected]
Chat Rules
  • Profanity is not allowed. There is no need for swearing in the community, please respect each other in chat.
  • There is a minimum age restriction of 13+ on catcraft. This is to cohere with the discord TOS.
  • Speak English only in chat.
  • Do not spam.
  • No politics.
  • Any form of twisting words, bickering and drama is not allowed. If a staff member tells you to stop, you must end the conversation.
  • Joking about, or encouraging players to break the server rules is not allowed.
  • Advertising/discussing a different minecraft server is not allowed.
  • Spamming items (with [item] in chat) to annoy others, is not allowed.

  • Any form of stealing, looting and/or griefing any player-made structures is not allowed.
  • Do not claim land near other players bases, farms and/or structures. Claims must be within 100 blocks from another players claim.

Technical Rules:
  • Chunks that are causing significant lag due to entity counts, redstone contraptions and/or mobs may be subject to modification or partial removal.
  • Intentionally creating lag causing machines are strictly not allowed.
  • Redstone clocks must not be left running all the time. All redstone circuits must have an off-switch.
Contact Information

Bug Reports

If you notice a bug or glitch that requires the immediate attention of senior staff, please contact us at [email protected] or through a ticket at #staff-help on the discord server.

Purchase Support
If you have any purchase related queries, please do not hesitate to contact support at [email protected]

General Questions
If you have any minor issues or concerns, feel free to let any active staff member on the server know, or contact us by creating a ticket a #staff-help on the discord server.

Player Reports
If you notice a player breaking the server rules, please contact staff by creating a ticket at #staff-help on our discord server.