Catcraft is a brand new semi-vanilla survival minecraft server that prides itself on providing a close-knit, friendly and enjoyable player community. 
Our goal is to provide players with a unique place to play survival with their friends, without over-complicating the experience.
We put our community first and aim to keep it that way; with simple, engaging, and entertaining updates for everyone.

Server Information:
Powerful-dedicated server specs, to enjoy a lag-free experience on the latest version of minecraft (currently 1.16.3). 
Server location: USA


Overworld size (30k x 30k) worldborder and never resets. The world seed is generated off 1.16.1

Nether world size (15k x 15k). The netherworld resets every 3 months. The world seed is generated off 1.16.1

End world current size (15k x 15k). The endworld resets every month. The world seed is generated off 1.16.1


Catcraft uses the Grief Prevention plugin to prevent griefing, looting and stealing from other players.
Every player receives 100 claiming blocks for every active hour playing on the server.

Grief Prevention Commands



Choose to teleport to your favorite minecraft biome in both the overworld and nether!
This is a swift way to collect resources, without having to discover new biomes in the wilderness.
Check out the biome selector at spawn or type /biome for the overworld or /warp netherbiome for the nether selector.



Veinminer is supported on the server, to allow anyone to mine veins of ores instantly through sneaking.
The following blocks are supported by veinminer:


All vanilla spawners (except for silverfish spawners) can be mined on the server using a diamond or netherite pickaxe, enchanted with silk touch.
Every player on the server has the ability to mine zombie spawners.

Leopard and Cheetah ranked players can mine zombie and spider spawners.
Jaguar ranked players can mine zombie, spider, cave spider and skeleton spawners.
Tiger and Lion ranked players can mine zombie, spider, cave-spider, skeleton, magmacube and blaze spawners.


Cat Canyon Mines
Collect emeralds, diamonds, gold, iron and coal in the Cat Canyon Mines! Type /mine in-game to check it out! 
The mines reset every 20 minutes with fresh ores.
Note: The chances of finding cat crate keys from the ores in the mines is reduced.

PvP combat is enabled in the wilderness and the catcraft pvp arena. The wilderness includes the overworld, nether and end world. PvP is disabled inside claims and region-protected areas (i.e. spawn, market, pyramids etc). PvP in the wilderness uses 1.16.3 combat mechanics, while the catcraft pvp arena (/pvp) exclusively uses the-much loved 1.8.9 old pvp mechanics. Keep inventory is disabled in all worlds, however every player has the ability to use /back to teleport to their most recent death-location.


The economy on catcraft runs entirely off diamonds.
There are no admin shops on catcraft. All trade is made between players, usually through chat or through chestshops in the market.
Scamming is not allowed.

Player-Trade Market
All players have the ability to purchase their own private market stall for 45 diamonds at /market
All players must ensure to abide by the minimum item costs before selling any items.
In order to buy your market stall, you must transfer 45 diamonds into your private diamond-bank balance, then right-click an empty market front-shop sign to buy that specific market stall.
*insert spoiler button here*

Once you have brought your private market stall, you may begin creating your chest-shops to buy/sell items.



On catcraft, everyone has the ability to create their own clan or join someone else's clan for free. There are no resource-benefits from being part of a clan. Clans are merely used to allow clan members to communicate through a private clan chat, avoid friendly pvp fire within members, seeing when your clan-mates are online, setting a clan home and allowing members to develop leadership skills.
Inappropriate clan names and descriptions are not allowed.

Note: There is a maximum limit of 20 members per clan.

Clan Commands


Pet your dogs/cats
Hold sneak while right-clicking your cat or dog, to pet it! Petting allows your pet to heal in small amounts.

Banner designer
The banner customizer allows anyone to create and save their banner designs, through a simple to use gui interface. It shows you exactly how to recreate any banner designs you create, through an easy to follow crafting recipes breakdown. Try the banner designer out, by typing /bm in-game

Portable horses
When dismounting from a tamed horse, you will receive a modified saddle that shows you to see useful statistics about the horse. Right-clicking the saddle on the ground, will respawn the horse, making it possible to explore the wilderness with your close companion.

Right-click stairs and slabs with an empty hand, to sit down.

Check when you joined the server and how long you have played for with /playtime
See the leaderboard of players with the longest time spent on the server with /toppt

Custom Heads
If you are looking to add a little more flare and detail to your market stall and/or your home, custom block heads can be brought using diamonds (in your inventory) with /heads

Type /color in-game to quickly see the default minecraft color codes.
Players ranked Jaguar and higher, can use the full spectrum of RGB colors in their nickname.
See below

Get cool rewards for completing mazes at /games
There are three tiers of mazes; easy, medium and hard.
Each maze has a cooldown depending on its difficulty.
If you ever get stuck, type /escape to leave the maze.